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Twitter In One Hour A Day

Part of a series on Social Media In One Hour A Day by VmC Ink. 

Twitter. Silly name, serious business. Never before in history has a communication tool been so immediate, and easy to use. Everyone from heads of state (Obama, Cameron, Hollande) to music stars (Justin Beiber, “Weird” Al Yankovic), to film directors (William Friedkin, Kevin Smith) to local businesses (Aqui es Texcoco, PmD Interactive) use Twitter to reach an audience.

Once nothing more than the place where people posted the inane drudgery of their lives the microblogging site has grown to be indispensable. Let’s read about how to make use of Twitter for your brand, in one hour a day.

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Instagram In One Hour A Day

Part of a series on Social Media In One Hour A Day by VmC Ink.

We debut the series with Instagram. If you haven’t heard by now, Instagram is the super popular social photo sharing app. First launched in 2010 and only available for iOS, Instagram is now on Android, too. You can follow VmC Ink. as @TheVmCInk or Victor as @vmcampos. UPDATE: Facebook bought Instagram! How does this change things? Hard to say. At the very least, more people will be able to admire your photos.

If you’re good at Instagram, like PmD Interactive, you have lots of followers with lots and lots of likes. If you’re great at Instagram you’ve got hundreds of thousands of followers and just as many likes. So how do you get “great” at Instagram? Read on:

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