Master Twitter in One Hour a Day

Master Twitter in One Hour Per Day

“Social Media is hard,” people say. It’s actually not hard, but it is time consuming. That is, if you don’t have a strategy or plan. Learn how you can master Twitter in one hour a day.

Editorial Calendar

While this concept works for any and all social media, with Twittrer, we have access to tools that will let you plan your Editorial Calendar. In short, an Editorial Calendar is an outline for the content you’ll be publishing during a given time period. Based on the goals of your business, you should be aware of the various official and non-official holidays/events that are on the horizon, so you can tweet about them.

For example, in the world of Magic: The Gathering, the newest game set is Ixalan. Wizards of the Coast (a subsidiary of Hasbro) lists the weekends of September 16, 23, and 30 2017 as important days for the release of the product. Therefore, a local game store would want to capitalize on that knowledge by creating tweets around those days. The hashtag #MTGXLN is also invaluable, as it will tie together conversations, and let the local game store reach potential customers.

Where might a business begin to find out about the events they can capitalize on? In Twitter’s Analytics panel. Not only do you get a glorious amount of personalized data about your tweet efficiency, but there is a whole screen, Events, where you can keep up to date with items to add to your Editorial Calendar. Spending an hour a day browsing this data will help you master Twitter.

Master Twitter Analytics

Interacting with Influencer Interactors

Piggybacking on our previous article (How to use Advanced Twitter Search), a company can use Advanced Twitter Search to find competing businesses (or aspirational competition), browse the tweets they publish, and then view how Likes, Retweets or Replies to those tweets. In essence, your company can do a bit of reconnaissance to discover which accounts (the Interactors) are conversing with the competition (the Influencer). You company can then follow those Interactors, reply to their tweets (or like/retweet), and get their attention.

For example, doing a search for “social media” Twitter accounts reveals many big-time players such as Social Media Examiner, Kim Garst, Mashable, and Sprout Social. If you were to click on Kim’s profile, and view an example tweet, you could then identify a small business that might be in need of your services as a social media marketer. This can be a time-consuming affair, for sure. But dedicating one hour per day will make the task manageable.


The real Power User’s secret weapon is TweetDeck. This tool lets you monitor hashtags, notifications, and activity in real time. Never miss a conversation, trend, or action. You can also use TweetDeck to schedule tweets. So if you have an Editorial Calender in place, this free tool provided by Twitter lets you set up a whole week, month, or quarter of content. With a large, wide monitor, you’ll be on top of everything that’s important to your business.

For example, a local bakery could set up a column with some food-related Hashtags (say, “cookie” and “gluten-free”), a column of Trending Topics, and a column for direct Messages. As tweets scroll by, the company could pause the stream to Like, Retweet, or Reply. The company could surface accounts worthy of Following, too. In one hour a day, using TweetDeck, a company could grow their Followers and Activity.

Master Tweetdeck


Social Media isn’t hard. It is time-consuming, but with a simple goal you’ll be on your way to mastering Twitter in one hour.

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