15 Years Experience

The Wayback Machine

Victor Campos founded VmC Ink. some time in 2001. The exact moment is lost in the mists of time. As part of a Southwestern College graphic design course, students were tasked with creating a logo. The rest is history

What can be documented, however, is the date when VmCInk.net first went online:

VmC Ink - 15 years experience

Websites come, and websites go. But those that stick around accumulate capital in the real of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You see, the Three Pillars of SEO are Longevity, Authority, and Content. One (of many) signals the search engines look at is how long your website has existed. So if you’re not online yet, what are you waiting for?

A Piece of Internet History

Did you know you can look up how websites looked since the beginning of the Web? Using the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, you can see how your favorite sites have changed in the last 27+ years. Have a look at vmcink.net through the years.

The Web is something we use just about every day, in one form or another. We take it for granted. This global network actually has a fascinating history. Check out our recommended book, Where Wizards Stay Up Late: The Origins of the Internet by Katie Hafner for a primer.

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